Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: How are we handling mask-wearing? A: Everyone is strongly encouraged to wear a mask when attending worship services and other programs. Masks are available at all entrances (as well as hand-sanitizer) for anyone in need of one.
  • Q: How are we encouraging social distancing? A: We have placed signage throughout the Sanctuary to help identify safely-distanced seats and eliminated rows of seats in the Worship Center. Members and guests are encouraged to sit together as a family and keep at least 6 feet of space between themselves and others around them.
  • Q: How are we keeping the church campus clean?  A: We have installed  filters throughout the building, thoroughly disinfect, clean and wipe down all door handles, seats and tables after each service/program.
  • Q: How are we hosting worship and other events differently?  A: We are only hosting one worship service per week inside our Sanctuary to allow ample time to clean these facilities. Other events, will be hosted virtually online or via zoom.
We have taken enhanced health and safety measures around campus to keep you safe, however, an inherent risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus exists in any public place where a number of people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease, so please carefully consider your circumstances before deciding whether to attend. According to the CDC, senior citizens and those with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. Remember, as much as we’d like to see you in-person, if you’re not ready or able to come back yet you shouldn’t feel any pressure or obligation to be in the building. We’ll live stream both services on our Redeemed By The Blood Pentecostal COGIC Facebook page, and again, we will be “Zooming” all bible study classes.

Please Wear Your Face Mask....

• To create as much of a “contactless” environment as possible, we will continue the following practices that we’ve had in place:
Our exterior entrances and exits will be propped open as people enter and leave the building, or someone will be assigned to opening the door for you.

• Bulletins will be available, only by way of social media platforms.

• Each child will be given a package full of activities that we have prepared as a gift to help them stay occupied during our service hours. Please make sure they bring them back with them for each service.

• All offering envelopes have been removed from the racks throughout the sanctuary, We will continue to collect tithes and offerings on line by way of all our giving outlets. We will not be available to swipe your cards in the back so please continue to give on line.

• We’re asking that every responsible adult/person takes their child to the restroom or if they choose to move throughout the facility it is your responsibility to stay with them to assure everyone’s safety.

• We are also asking that if you or your child or anyone in your party has to use the restroom you are responsible to wipe down/ disinfect everything that was used or touched so that the person coming behind you will be comfortable and protected.

• We discourage hugs, handshakes, kisses and limit your interaction, if you must greet one another we do encourage elbow bumps or fist bumps.

• We have hand sanitizer stations mounted throughout the sanctuary, we encourage that that you use it as frequently as possible.

• Following these safety measures will help protect you and others, and they can slow the spread of COVID-19. And in the spirit of Philippians 2, which reminds us to do, “nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourselves…” Following these safety measures can also help us show love and care for others by helping reduce concerns others in our congregation may have about gathering.

• Please help do your part to keep yourself and others healthy, and to ensure that we can continue to gather in-person.

​If you are coming to the church building.......

• We would prefer, and we strongly encourage, for everyone to wear a face mask and practice strict social distancing when possible. No face mask can eliminate all particles of course, but face masks have been proven to help reduce the transmission of potentially infected particles, and even if you’re not experiencing symptoms, you may be an Asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus. Remember, if you don’t have a face mask, we will happily give you a disposable one.

• As you enter into the facility, everyone including all kids are required to fill out a consent to participate form, accurately answer common questions and have your temperature taken, if any part of this process is declined by any party, then you will be asked to leave.

• In addition to disposable face masks, we will continue to provide hand sanitizer and disposable gloves for anyone who wants them.

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